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erikaposens asked: Is it a good episode? And how are things between Castle and Beckett at the end of the episode?

I really enjoyed it. I like the serious episodes though and this one def. Delivers the angst

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tshlw asked: Do any of these relationship questions stem from a woman or a woman from his past?


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Final Castle Teases

- Beckett speaking French… It’s about time we let this girl try out one of the 75 languages she knows.

-Martha sails the ship of dreams… the USS CaskettIceberg straight ahead

-Does anyone else still really want this to be 3xk?

-Beckett in a bathrobe wiping away tears, this is not a drill.

-"Is that a joke" will hurt you in ways that will both confuse and well… hurt you

-The FBI is always unhelpful, and discouraging.

-You can always trust a guy who works at a farmers market

-Vending machines really should get a guest star credit in this episode.

-Someone has a fear of Tsunamis.

-This episode feels like a harkening back to the darker days of Castle, lets hope the season keeps dimming the lights.

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tshlw asked: Do we get any answers to these relationship questions that are brought up or not in this ep? How does end of ep leave Caskett?

Some will be answered although they may leave you wanting. Beckett and Castle are in love and despite how the ep may end I believe that is still the case. But we also need to find castle as well.

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